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L'angevine on The Colosseum, Rome
un intéressant spectacle

L'angevine on A victory arch in the Forum area, Rome
intéressant cadrage

L'angevine on Ruins of a temple in Rome
intéressant cadrage

L'angevine on View outside Colosseum
intéressante plongée sur l'antique période

L'angevine on The maze beneath the Colosseum
intéressante lumière

L'angevine on Stables Market, Camden, London
c'est le mot stables qui arrête mon regard sur les autres détails

L'angevine on The white cab followed by a red bus
quelle circulation diverses

L'angevine on Delicious roll in Camden Market, London
et un pour l'Angevine avec du bon miel

Sindhu Devi on Art deco items on sale at Camden Market, London
How adorable the items are! Wonderful shot!

L'angevine on Waiting for waters to rise

L'angevine on Camden Lock
intéressante scène

L'angevine on Brit Crow
j'aime bien ces bleus

omid on A Pom at the Birmingham dog show
so cute! Lovely!

Ranjana Shankar on A foggy morning in London
Very nice capture.

Carmen's Chronicles on On a wet day in London
it doesn't look as wet as Mumbai in monsoon season!! the

Gemma Wiseman on The mighty Alps in Switzerland
Beautiful, rolling snowy slopes. And love the lighting.

Gemma Wiseman on Alps seen from Lucerne
Lovely mountain view. And the sky tone and pattern add some extra magic.

Ajith on The mighty Alps in Switzerland
Good Picture.

Ana Lúcia on Swiss Hot Choclolate at the highest cafe in Europe
One for me? :)

Bushra Muzaffar on Asparagus at the Thursday market in Corbeil,France
Lovely click. Looks straight from the farms.

desi Traveler on Beatles' Abbey Road in London
Is this the place where that famous photo was taken?

kunal potdar on Water Lettuce
Can I plz know from wehere I can buy this plant in mumbai ?

desi Traveler on Piccadilly circus in London on a rainy day
Come rain or shine life goes on in the big city.

desi Traveler on Leicester square on a rainy day
Beautiful capture, the bells add a bit of Asia to the European setting...

cv on Fish n Chips in Camden Market, London
junk food but nice shot ;)

saran on Jungfraujoch peak in the centre
very very nice . amazing

desi Traveler on Swiss Alps
Breathtaking serene

cv on Hot Swiss Chocolate on Mount Titlis
moi aussi, j'aimerais bien y goûter; l'angle de vue est intéressant

Ana Lúcia on Hot Swiss Chocolate on Mount Titlis
Great shot! I want some.

omid on The big city mall in Zurich
Nice & amazing! Beautiful colors & lights!

Shobha Rao on Bookshop in SihlCity mall
Apt to build a book shop where an old paper mill existed!?!

pats on Aircraft tails

Jen on Sculpture at a street corner in Rome
Lovely shot

desitraveler on Age is catching up fast :)
:) :) Great caption for a great picture....

desitraveler on Cheerleader at the Mumbai Marathon
Nice Capture

JD York on Have marathon will run
You really have to admire a guy like this, who will exercise and not give up to despair. Nice photo

JD York on Age no bar
Good for him. Nice photo

Aubélia on Jai vilas palace, Gwalior
Happy New Year

Desi Traveler on Jai vilas palace, Gwalior
One of the exquisite examples of Indian royalty's indulgence in architecture...

Ellebasi on Palace at night
it seems to be a great place, love it

Christi on Gwalior fort
Love the up lighting. Nice capture.

helys on Laxman temple
Thank you for this majestic building, its reflections in BW Merry ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ...

Soheil on Laxman temple
An excellent composition and a great shot. I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family Merry ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * ...

Curly on Night view
Excellent shot of it.

Nandan on Night view
Nice shot. This is one fort I want to visit and the other one is Jaisalmer.

omid on Stonechat
very nice! so beautiful colors & lights!

Michael Rawluk on Flower
That is a lovely shot.

renu sethi on In Kanatal
its beautiful

maurizio jaya costantino on Monochrome
magic, from magiceye!

magiceye on Materially spiritual
Thank you Bhavana

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